About Vista Instrumentation LLC

Vista Instrumentation LLC was started in 2005 to provide high performance track geometry measuring systems based on free software and hardware designs. All of our systems and software are released under the GNU Public License. Our goal is to use modern technologies and a modern Open-Source business model to reinvigorate the track measurement industry. We can provide the convenience of a turn-key system and support for a customer who wants to construct a system for resale or their own use.

For Railways:

For railways interested in a turn-key system, we believe that having access to the engineering details as to how the system works will allow the user to have a greater understanding of the data it produces along with its strengths and limitations. This can result in a more informed application of the data to the task of planning track maintenance. Access to the design also means that a railway is no longer limited to the system supplier for support. Given full engineering documentation, many companies would be able to quote and provide support for both the hardware and software. Of course, Vista Instrumentation will be glad to quote on-going support if requested.

For System Builders:

For the railway or systems integrator interested in building a system, Vista OpenGeo™ provides a known base for development. For example, it is not necessary to start from scratch when building an optical gauge system. The Vista OpenGeo™ design can the used as is or modified as needed. Builders of Vista OpenGeo™ also have the option of obtaining components and sub-assemblies directly from Vista Instrumentation.

For The Industry:

We believe the costs advantages, engineering advantages and support advantages provided by Open-Source will have a significant impact on the track measurement industry.